LED Explosion-proof lamps-Bright Titanium

  • Suitable for explosive gas mixtures of type ⅡA, ⅡB, ⅡC,
  • Locations in zones 1 and 2 of temperature groups T1 to T6;
  • Zone 21 and Zone 22 locations in a non-conductive combustible dust environment.
  • Such as chemical industry, military industry, shipbuilding, electricity
  • Work in hazardous environments and explosion-proof places such as oil platforms and tankers.e
  • Using integrated die-casting aluminum
  • Supplemented by military-grade precision machining
  • The explosion-proof level can reach the level of explosion-proof EX d ⅡC T6
  • Phase change radiator, combined with upper and lower ventilation structure, life expectancy up to 50000 hours
  • Using imported high-efficiency LED modules
  • With high borosilicate tempered glass powder coating technology, the light output is even and soft
  • IP66 protection grade, WF2 corrosion protection standard
  • Meet various harsh environments
  • Provide a variety of installation accessories for ceiling, boom, wall mounting
  • Meet the needs of different applications
  • Stable operation at -30 ℃~ + 50 ℃ambient temperature
  • Meet various indoor and outdoor application environments


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